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If you have been given an Access Code (or Serial Number) and have not registered yet, click on the New Student button to register and create your own Login ID and Password. Only use the Access Code to register one time.

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For some courses a player/plug-in is required. This will allow you to play the multimedia content incorporated the courseware. The software is free and installation is a one-time process. Installation over a 56K modem takes about 1 minute. This player has passed all required safety and security tests. Please press the Grant button if you see a Security Warning dialog box.

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After logging in, the first screen you will see is the “My Place” page. The links on the far left side of the screen will help you navigate around the site. The “My Place” link will always bring you back to this page.

My Place
Your lessons are arranged in categories. When you click on a category, you will be directed to the current lesson being offered and given access to the other titles in that category.  To start the lesson, click the Start Lesson link.  For the lesson to be considered complete, you must view the entire lesson and pass the assessment.  Each lesson has a number of aids to help you comprehend and use the material, including: 

§        Pocket Reference – this is a summary of the key points of the lesson.  It includes an assignment and suggested exercise.  The Pocket Reference will print out on an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper and is designed to be folded to fit into a shirt pocket, wallet or our custom Pocket Reference carry case. 

§        Action Plan – this worksheet is designed to help you use the information, capture the benefits and share them with others.

§        Ask Your SafetyPerformance Coach– with this link, you will be able to quickly ask a question to the person your company has designated as your SafetyPerformance Coach.

§        SafetyPerformance Coach Forum – with this forum, you will be able to ask questions and seek opinions from other SafetyPerformance Coach users.

To assist you, we have listed the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We have provided you with links to other resources to assist you.

By clicking on the progress link, on the left navigation bar, you will see your scores for the current lesson and those lessons which have been completed. Your progress is based on two components. The first is listening to the entire lesson. Once completed, you will get a 50% completion. The second part is based on taking the assessment. Once passed, you will show 100% completion. If you take the assessment without listening to the lesson your progress will show 0% completion.

We have provided a feedback form so that you can give us information on how we could better assist you.

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